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Commercial Break

27 Mar


Scenario last Night:

Daddy and Johan are watching TV while mommy is preparing Daddy’s dinner.

ML kwarta padala commercial aired:

Johan: Daddy! Daddy! (Pointing at Robin Padilla)
Daddy: Kamukha ni Daddy baby?
Mommy: Asa ka ung damit ni Robin kay Daddy daw un :))

Then… Magnum commercial was aired:

Johan: Mommy! Mommy! (Pointing at the lady eating Magnum)
Daddy: Si mommy ba yun? Parang di din naman baby :))
Mommy: Hahaha! Ang bilis gumanti 😉
(Johan saw mommy eating Magnum the other night – pasalubong from Daddy!)


Trapped in DQ

17 Nov

One saturday evening we decided to dine out for dinner at shell NLEX. After which we went to have some dessert from dairy queen. While ordering we let him roam around the shop since there are no other costumers inside, after we ordered we sneaked out and watched him from the outside, when he saw us already eating ice cream his attention is now with us and he wanted to go out. All the staff from the shop are all laughing. He is sooooo adorable and soooo trapped!



Father and Son bonding

9 Nov

Tatay made a little chair on my pink bike for Johan. Daddy said Johan is very behave during the first time he rode the bike, whenever they go out and go biking he always wear his hat. One time we said let’s go outside “gagala kau ni daddy” he immediately went to get his hat and we were all laughing and he is impatiently going ahead to the door, now everytime he wants to go biking that’s his way of telling us. Biking is their father and son bonding, my two boys buy our merienda together while mommy is patiently waiting for their safe arrival and of course for the pasalubong.