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Commercial Break

27 Mar


Scenario last Night:

Daddy and Johan are watching TV while mommy is preparing Daddy’s dinner.

ML kwarta padala commercial aired:

Johan: Daddy! Daddy! (Pointing at Robin Padilla)
Daddy: Kamukha ni Daddy baby?
Mommy: Asa ka ung damit ni Robin kay Daddy daw un :))

Then… Magnum commercial was aired:

Johan: Mommy! Mommy! (Pointing at the lady eating Magnum)
Daddy: Si mommy ba yun? Parang di din naman baby :))
Mommy: Hahaha! Ang bilis gumanti 😉
(Johan saw mommy eating Magnum the other night – pasalubong from Daddy!)


Johan’s first airplane ride

1 Mar

Baby have issues with elevators, we are worried before our trip since he might get scared during take off, so we already planned of making him sleep and we are lucky he was so sleepy when we boarded the aircraft. Mission accomplished! He was asleep until touch down to Mactan International Airport. Lucky us!


We also went to Bohol, it was Johan’s first ferry ride too! He wants to go down to roam around and we are having a hard time resisting him so we tried our best to have him sleep and have a peaceful ride.


On our flight back, there was no hint he’d fall asleep so we tried our best to divert his attention and play with him all the time. We also bought him a souvenir airplane stuff toy. We realized that there is nothing to worry on flying with baby. We our proud of you our little man! Until our next trip!